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  • How does IntellectConnect accept payment?
    We have paired with Square to accept most major credit and debit card companies, apple/google pay, contactless pay. We also accept cash payment and occasionally Venmo in rare circumstances. We also have integrated a payment plan system, so if you are interested please ask us about this.
  • How often do we meet for tutoring sessions?
    Traditionally at IntellectConnect, our students meet with us twice a week for our regular group sessions that have a maximum capacity of 5 students. We do this because our curriculum and lesson planning is structured for one day set aside to cover the concepts and the other day to apply the concepts to questions or worksheets. But with other services besides group sessions, this is up to the student and tutors discretion.
  • 3.) I have a learning disability, do you offer services to people with disabilities?
    At IntellectConnect Tutoring we have deep sympathy for those who struggle with various disabilities. Some of our tutors have extensive experience working with students with learning disabilities, so just communicate with us and we will set you up with a tutor who is experiences with this. IntellectConnect Tutoring was started because our our compassionate approach to the challenges in learning, so we will be by your side throughout your academic journey at all times.
  • 4.) If I can't make it, can I just cancel?
    Our terms and conditions outline a cancellation policy that allows for cancellation for any reason to be allowed within 24 hours. However, if cancellation occurs within 24 hours we have the right to enforce the cancellation policy which charges the client the total cost of the service unless there is an extenuating circumstance. This is put in place for accountability of both the tutor and client relationship. But we are more than willing to work with you, within reason.
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