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Other Service Descriptions

GED Prep Course

Embark on the path to success with our GED Prep Course! This course is structured for individuals seeking to earn their high school equivalency diploma. Our comprehensive program covers all four GED subject areas: Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Our experienced tutors provide personalized instruction and targeted support to help you master the content, build essential skills, and prepare success on the GED exam. Whether you are aiming to advance your career, pursue higher education, or achieve a personal milestone, our GED Prep course equips you with the knowledge and confidence to reach your goals. Join us and take the first step toward a brighter future for yourself!


Academic Success Skills

Unlock your full potential with our College Success Skills service. This is designed to equip you with essential life skills, enhance academic achievement, foster personal growth, and provide valuable study tools to help you achieve your goals. Book your appointment today and pave the way for a successful college journey.


Exam Cram Sessions

Gear up for success with our Exam Cram Session! Perfect for students seeking last minute assistance from our experienced tutors, though these sessions are student led. Our intensive
sessions offer focused review and targeted practice to help you maximize your study efforts by including a review packet! Confidence is key when you are preparing for an exam, our Exam
Cram Sessions are designed to give you the confidence you need to perform your best on your upcoming exam. Join us as we work with you to help you tackle your next exams head on and achieve your academic goals with ease!


"How To Be A Student" Workshop

Join us for an insightful workshop tailored to empower students in overcoming the hurdles of academic life. Our “How to be a student” workshop delves deep into the common challenges faced by students today and equips them with practical strategies for success. From managing time effectively to conquering test anxiety, this workshop covers it all. We will explore techniques for staying organized, combating procrastination, and maintaining a healthy work- life balance. Additionally, we will address study skills, note taking methods and effective communication with teachers. This workshop is led by experienced tutors who understand the nuances of student life in a supportive environment. Don’t let the challenges of student hood hold you back! Join us for an engaging and informative workshop that will empower your learning and ignite your brilliance. 


College Application Preparation

Navigate the path to your dream college with our college application preparation service! Our expert tutors will guide you through every step of the application process, from crafting standout essays to navigating the intricacies of college applications. Gain valuable insights into career planning and ensure your applications shine bright. Enroll now and allow us to help you reach your academic and career goals.


Executive Functioning Skills

Empower yourself with executive functioning skills! Executive functioning skills are skills that you must acquire to do well as a student at any level. These skills include work-life balance, overall wellness, planning, time management, and organization. In our Executive Functioning sessions we work with you to build a foundation of executive functioning skills. We also help you enhance your note taking abilities and hone in your self awareness. Join us so we can give you skills much more valuable than what is in a textbook!


Bounce Back Course

Turn setbacks into success with our unique Bounce Back Course at IntellectConnect Tutoring that is designed for students who have faced academic challenges in a course resulting in a less than satisfactory grade. If you have encountered difficulty and need extra support after failing a class, our tutoring service is here to help you "Bounce Back" stronger than ever. Our experienced tutors provide personalized instruction tailored to your individual needs, helping you grasp challenging concepts, build foundational skills, and regain confidence in your academic abilities. With our supportive approach and targeted guidance, we will help you turn your setbacks into stepping stones toward future success. Join us and unlock your potential to thrive academically! *If you are interested, please contact us so we can set you up with a schedule. This will not show up under bookings until we set you up in our system.*


College Preparatory Course

Prepare for success in higher education with our College Preparatory Courses at IntellectConnect Tutoring! This course is tailored toward high school students aiming to excel in college admissions, our comprehensive program covers essential skills and strategies to navigate through the transition to higher education with confidence. From SAT/ACT preparation to essay writing and interview skills, our experienced tutors provide personalized guidance and support to helpstudents showcase their strengths and achieve their academic goals. Join us as we help you unlock your potential and prepare you for the exciting challenges ahead in college and beyond.

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