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Supplemental Course Descriptions

Bounce Back Course 

Turn setbacks into success with our unique Bounce Back Course at IntellectConnect Tutoring that is designed for students who have faced academic challenges in a course resulting in a less than satisfactory grade. If you have encountered difficulty and need extra support after failing a class, our tutoring service is here to help you "Bounce Back" stronger than ever. Our experienced tutors provide personalized instruction tailored to your individual needs, helping you grasp challenging concepts, build foundational skills, and regain confidence in your academic abilities. With our supportive approach and targeted guidance, we will help you turn your setbacks into stepping stones toward future success. Join us and unlock your potential to thrive academically!


College Preparatory Courses

Prepare for success in higher education with our College Preparatory Courses at IntellectConnect Tutoring! This course is tailored toward high school students aiming to excel in college admissions, our comprehensive program covers essential skills and strategies to navigate through the transition to higher education with confidence. From SAT/ACT preparation to essay writing and interview skills, our experienced tutors provide personalized guidance and support to help
students showcase their strengths and achieve their academic goals. Join us as we help you unlock your potential and prepare you for the exciting challenges ahead in college and beyond.

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